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Producing “Hypothetically”

I had the privilege of meeting Geoffrey Pomeroy in a “10-minute” play showcase with the Abingdon Theatre Company. At the time, I was in the midst of casting the webseries Death’s Door. Watching him perform, I realized that Geoffrey was a very good actor, and he had an interesting quality to him that I found […]

“Hypothetically” Directing

Directing “Hypothetically” was a blast.  I was able to reconnect with Joe and Mickey (I’d directed these two previously on stage) and to work for the first time with the wonderful and hilarious Vincent Pastore. When I first read Geoffrey’s script, I was immediately drawn to its quirky, comedic, danger. It reminded me a little […]

The Origin of “Hypothetically”

I initially came up with the idea for “Hypothetically” after seeing an episode of one of the many Prime-Time cop dramas that dominate the airwaves. In this particular episode, the cops wanted to interrogate some small-time crook who they think might have witnessed a homicide. This crook wants to cooperate, but in doing so, he […]

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