The Origin of “Hypothetically”

Photo of Geoffrey Pomery

Geoffrey Pomeroy

I initially came up with the idea for “Hypothetically” after seeing an episode of one of the many Prime-Time cop dramas that dominate the airwaves.

In this particular episode, the cops wanted to interrogate some small-time crook who they think might have witnessed a homicide.
This crook wants to cooperate, but in doing so, he might incriminate himself. So he speaks in hypotheticals to protect himself.

“I’m not saying that I was there selling weed that night, however, hypothetically, if I was, I just might have seen a guy covered in blood running West through the park”…

Yada yada yada.

I have seen a variation of this very scene hundreds of times… So have we all!

So I thought to myself: “What would happen if this hypothetical dialogue were to continue? And if it did, where would it go?”

Hence the genesis of this cool short film.


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